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Honda of Thailand

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June 02, 2000

 Civic Racing Coupe

Civic Racing Coupe

Honda made its presence known in Thailand on August 29, 1983 with the establishment of Honda Cars (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (or HCT) to undertake Honda car assembling and distribution. In 1984, the first Honda Civic and Honda Accord rolled off the production line of Bangchan General Assembly.

To cope with rapidly rising domestic demand for Honda cars, another plant, the Kannasutra Car Assembly Plant, was taken over, renovated and put into operation by HCT in April 1992.

This second plant is no longer in operation. In August 1992, a new Honda Cars Manufacturing (Thailand) plant was built making the old one obsolete. The new plant marked a considerabe increase in production capacity, and state of the art technology incorporated in the plant greatly contributes to the development of innovative, unique and personalized Honda products for the Thai market.

HCT recently decided to start offering Honda parts under a new brand ? HAMP. While upholding the quality and durability reputation befitting the Honda name, HAMP parts are more economically priced.

The initial parts list introduced in 1999, consisted of seven most frequently used items, but they have been such a success that Honda expanded the list to 26 items this year. The parts list includes: oil filters, air elements, front disc brake pads, wiper blade rubbers, alternator belts, compressor belts and power-steering belts. HAMP parts have been warmly received by Honda customers worldwide.

HAMP parts are newly developed and designed to fit and last the same as the genuine parts, especially in cars with two or more years of service. Honda has thoroughly researched the operating conditions of various parts as well as body of its cars, in order to form an authoritative list of most frequently used maintenance items.

With minor changes in materials and supply sources, Honda is able to price HAMP 50 - 70% lower than the genuine ones. Moreover, all HAMP parts carry a 6-month warranty similar to the genuine parts.

One of the models we won't see here in the US is the Civic Racing Coupe. This car comes complete with a powerful VTEC LEV engine and accessories which further enhance its internal as well as external sporty appearance.

The Coupe is powered by a 1.6-liter, 16-valve VTEC LEV four-cylinder, which yields 127 hp at 6600 rpm. This powerplant is mated to a 4-speed automatic transmission with Grade Logic Control & Direct Control system making for very smooth shifting.

The Coupe good looks are enhanced by multi-reflector turn lights, front bumper with large-size louvers, and eye-catching crystal clear turn lights at the rear. To further enhance the car's sporty appearance, Honda has added a long list of internal and external accessories, like a new grille, sporty front and rear skirts, a rear spoiler, and 15-inch alloy wheels.

There's goodies inside the cabin as well, the Coupe comes with an 8-direction adjustable driver's seat, height-adjustable powered steering wheel, and controls at the right positions for easy access and operation. You'll also find new seat covers, a carbon type center panel, crystal clear turn lights, and a radio-cassette with 12 disc CD-changer.

The Coupe is available in three colours - Electron Blue (Pearl), Starlight Black (Pearl), and Inza Red (Pearl).

To celebrate 2000, why not buy an Accord Millenium? This special model comes with fog lights for clearer vision, an air refiner for an ever-fresh cabin environment, a rear sunshade to shield you from the scorching heat, and a unique Millenium emblem.

The Accord Millenium is powered by an ever efficient 2.3-liter 150-hp VTEC LEV engine, mated to a 4-speed automatic transmission with the widely acclaimed Grade Logic Control and Direct Control system. This computer-controlled mechanism helps to select the right transmission speed at the right moment for all driving conditions.

The new Accord model offers a smooth ride and excellent road handling - even on very rough off-roads, thanks to the newly designed rear five-link double wishbone suspension.

The Accord Millenium's appearance, inside and out, has a luxurious feel at first sight. Features include a new set of headlights with multi-reflector indicator lights for a wider field of vision, a luxuriously large cabin with full convenience, leather seats, leather-covered steering wheel and gear knob, 8-direction adjustable driver?s seat, tilt-adjustable powered steering wheel, woody central console, and controls ergonomically positioned for easy access and operation.

The Accord Millenium VTi model with leather seats comes in three colors: Starlight Black Pearl, Heather Mist Metallic, and Canyon Stone Silver Metallic.

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