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Honda and Acura High Mileage Stories

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11/5/10 - Russell wrote: I bought my 2000 rolex Replica Watches Honda Civic EX new here in Detroit. I currently have 268,983 miles on it. I have used Mobil synthetic oil since it had 5,000 miles on it. I change the oil every 7,500 miles as recommended. The only repairs I have needed (besides normal maintenance) were two AC compressors.

11/3/10 - Shekhar wrote: Purchased my 1999 Honda Civic LX new and now at 181K miles it's still running good. Never stopped on the road or gave any trouble. Had regular oil changes and maintenance services periodically (Minor/Intermediate/Major); brake pads; tires replaced 3 times; timing belt replacement once. Only issue now is Trailing Arm bushing for the suspension, quoted at $454.00. Not sure to repalce or not. However, very satisified so far, as had not had any other issues.

11/2/10 - Eric wrote: I have a 2000 Honda Accord EX 4 cylinder purchased new in Nov '99. Current mileage is 176,000 miles with only regular maintenance required. Original engine/transmission. Amazingly reliable and look forward to driving it to 300k. I also Replica breitling uk recently bought a new 2010 Accord EX V6. Go Honda!!

11/1/10 - Nicole wrote: My mothers 1999 Honda Accord Ex is still going strong with 394k miles. It's had all routine maintenance and now uses about a quart of oil a month. It has all original parts on the body and original engine. Great car! Short of becoming rich and being able to afford expensive, high maintenance vehicles, I won't drive anything but a Honda :-)

10/31/10 - Craig wrote: I have had the opportunity to own many older, high milage Hondas (90 Accord with 189K, 92 Accord with 249K among others) but my pride and joy is a 1987 Accord LXi Hatchback with 434K on it. Original motor, 5 speed trans was rebuilt at 290K, ice cold A/C and a lot of fun to drive. Just last week I bought another Accord, a 94 LX wagon. The wagon was a one owner in very nice condition with only 116K on it. My co-workers keep telling me I shouldn't have bought that car as it doesn't have enough miles on it for me. Love these Hondas!

10/31/10 - Mark wrote: I own a 1986 Honda Accord hatchback LXi that I bought new in 86. My hope was that it would last as long as my previous car and never thought I would still be driving it 24 Illinois winters later and 192,000 miles on the Rolex Replica odometer. I have done the regular maintenance per the owners manual plus 5 Honda lifetime mufflers, rear control arms, 3 batteries, 3 sets of tires and one caliper and new struts for the rear hatch. I repaired the main relay as it was only cold solder joints on the board the relay it was mounted on, the hardest part was getting to it. In 2007 the car hit a deer and was technically totaled but had a friend who used to be a Honda body man say it was not that bad so he brought it back to life minus the air conditioner as I was not sure the car was worth upgrading the air conditioner from the old R22 it had. It has been running great till last month when the automatic transmission lost reverse and 4th gear. I am tag heuer Replica Watches still driving the car to work and back (keeping it under 45 mph) but realize the car's days may be numbered. Interior is still great and other than rust the paint has held up real well. Hard to consider parting with it since so much is still running well.

10/30/10 - Jay wrote: I have a '94 Civic DX that I bought with 79K back in 2001. This January I will have owned it for 10 years and I now have 246K. This little car is my daily commuter and I drive 80 miles a day. It goes everywhere and still has the original clutch. Its not all that pretty to look at it, but it really has not cost me much to own. I've replaced the timing belt 2x (at the proper intervals) and do the oil changes around 4k every time. I recently did some suspension work and had to change out an A/C pipe but thats about it. I'm expecting a clutch sometime soon but the original is still going. I've contemplated a new car but can't quite justify it yet. This little sucker just keeps on running. Going to bring it to the shop just to get a professional opinion on what it may need and get a pressure test on the engine. I'm a believer. Great little cars.

10/27/10 - Richard wrote: We have a 2004 CRV LX 2WD that has 217,000 miles on it, besides being towed behind our motorhome for 80,000 plus miles that don't show on the odometer. A couple of batteries, 1 starter motor, a set of brakes and 5 sets of tires. Great car, we just bought a second car and will use the CRV less, it has earned a rest. Still looks and runs like new. Mobil 1 every 10K miles.

10/20/10 - Brian wrote: I just crossed 178k on my 2001 Civic EX. I replaced the timing belt and water pump at 160k (flirting with disaster). No problems with my transmission or engine (crossing fingers). I am on my 3rd set of tires. I need to put a new CAT in. I love my Civic.

10/16/10 - Charles wrote: I have a 1998 Honda Accord LX 4 door. I have just turned over 356,000 miles. What a fantastic car!

10/15/10 - Dale wrote: I have a 2004 Honda Accord EX-L 4 cylinder that I bought new which just hit 131,000 miles. No major issues and I always taken it to the dealer for my up-to-date maintenance schedules. Iím on my third set of tires, numerous brake pads and have already had my serpentine belt replaced as well as the scheduled tune-up. Should be good for a very long time to come.

10/10/10 - Daniel wrote: Getting ready to break the 200,000 mile mark in my 2004 Honda Element. Stills purrs like a kitten. Synthetic oil definitely the way to go.

10/4/10 - Tanya wrote: I have a 2003 Honda Accord EX with 192,000+ miles on it and it runs like new! One of my carpoolers commented that he would never have guessed that my car had that many miles on it because it runs so smooth. I am preparing to take it in for a full maintenance check, and replace anything that should be replaced at 200k miles, with the hopes I can get up to 300k before needing to buy a new one! Wish me luck :)

10/3/10 - Danny wrote: I have a 1995 Honda Accord EX, 4-cyl, 5-speed manual transmission. Has 287,000 miles and still runs great. Drive about 100 miles RT daily (M-F) and about 1000 miles RT each month from TN to VA and back. Major repairs: exhaust system, radiator, water pump, clutch, tie-rod ends, wheel brgs, CV joints, all belts and hoses.

10/2/10 - Mike wrote: This is I think my fourth entry in the high mileage club. My 1999 Honda Accord now has 206k miles on her. The only thing that I have had to have repaired in the last year was the VTEC oil pressure switch (which was a fifty dollar part). I'm going to have the timing belt replaced this year, somwhere around 215k miles and hopefully that will be it. I've continued to avoid any transmision problems which is surprising for an automatic with over 200k miles. The car has the original struts, exhaust, alternator, starter, and many, many more of the components that would normaly fail on most other vehicles. Here's to another year in the Silver Bullet.

09/30/10 - Noli wrote: I have a 1997 Odyssey; running smoothly with no major repairs. Mileage reading 366,000 kms and no rust on sight.

09/17/10 - Edward wrote: I have a 1998 Honda Civic DX with 155,000 Miles. I have driven this car for 10 years with no major issues. I love my Honda. I call it my "SUV" -- small utility vehicle. It has taken me all over America. Anyone who does not drive a Honda is crazy because money does not grow on trees and cars are our second most expensive purchase. To all who drive a Honda I applaud you for saving the planet from excessive fuel consumption...

09/16/10 - Anthony wrote: I have a '99 TL I purchased in 2004 with 85k miles... 6 years later and approaching 250,000. No serious issues, replaced transmission at 180k, aweswome car with DVD navi option. Engine purrs like a kitten. Best $13,500 I have spent on a vehicle. Plan to get at least 300k from this engine.

09/16/10 - Jason wrote: I have a 1999 Acura TL 240,000 miles. Have replaced the ignition switch, timing belt, maintenance etc. No problems, great car.

09/15/10 - Justin wrote: I have a 1995 Honda Prelude Si - I'm the original owner and I have over 351,000 miles on my car! I'm driving this thing until it decides to stop moving! No major problems at all, I always keep up with the oil changes, use premium gas as is recommended and it still looks great!

09/10/10 - Mike wrote: I purchased a 2005 Civic LX new in late '05, manual transmission, gets 36-38 mpg at 70+, and 40-42 mpg at 60-65. Commute is 175 miles daily; I just hit 229,000 miles. No major problems, just the usual; oil changes at 5K, tires, brakes, wipers, headlights, battery. Bought "forever tires" from a local chain, never have to buy another tire as long as I own the car. (First set of Yokohama TRZ lasted 103K, second set now has 76K on them, they get balanced and rotated every 6K for free.) Thinking I should find another '05 and garage it until this one wears out!

09/6/10 - Rob wrote: I bought my 1st Honda in 1982. A brand new silver 5 speed Prelude. I drove the car and had the Honda dealer do all the regular scheduled maintenance. Traded in the Prelude with 150,000km for a 1986 Accord in 1990 as the kids were coming fast and furious and we needed more room. I wish I would have kept the Prelude as a 2nd car. I am currently looking to buy a 1982 Prelude. I bought a 2001 Civic DX-G which has 220,000 kms and is running like its new. I still have the Honda dealer do all the scheduled maintenance, oil change every 5000 kms. I'm sure the car will run to 400,000kms. You can't beat a Honda.

09/4/10 - Pat wrote: I have a 2003 Honda Accord EX V-6. Current mileage is 244K. First and only owner. Seecond transmission (done at 180K) otherwise it's been typical maintenance issues. Just had to replaced AC condenser and hoses but those types of repairs are common with the mileage. Very pleased with the car despite the original transmission failure. All OEM parts used for maintenance and repairs.

08/29/10 - Warren wrote: I have a 2006 Honda Element EX which just hit 130K miles today as I rolled into the Honda dealer for another oil change. The car runs just as good today as it did the day I bought it. I hope to double that mileage before I even think about letting go of my Element.

08/27/10 - Eliot wrote: I have a 1999 Honda CR-V that I bought new and is about to turn over to 174,000 miles. I do dealer oil changes every 3,000 miles and just had the rear diff fluid changed at the last service. Getting ready to do another timing belt soon, but other than regularly scheduled maintenance the CR-V is a beast and the real time AWD gets the win for me.

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Click Here to Add Your High Mileage Story (Pictures are welcome in addition to stories.)

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