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A car or car is a wheeled vehicle used to transport or transport passengers goods valuables and so on. Cars are primarily designed to drive on roads have places that vary but everyone has the drivers seat which is one of the constant factors in all vehicles. It also has four wheels. Automobile was derived from Greek words by combining auto meaning self and mobilis meaning a vehicle that moves on its own and on its own. The substitute which is Car originates from the Latin word carrus or carrum which means wheeled vehicles.

I know what has to go through your mind is who started this invention cars have so many inventors. Although Nicolas Joseph Cugnot is often credited with building the first self propelled vehicle around 1979 there was some doubt about some. Among remarkable early inventors was Ferdinand Verbiest who built the first steam driven vehicle around 1672 Richard Trevithick in 1801. Francois Isaac de Rivaz a Swiss inventor designed the first internal combustion engine 1806 powered by a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen and used it for to develop the worlds first vehicle. All this and more contributed to the automotive world but Karl Benz is widely recognized as the father of the modern car.

A car powered by its own four cycle petrol engine was built in Mannheim Germany by Karl Benz in 1885 and was granted a patent in January the following year under the leadership of his major company Benz & Cie founded in 1883. It was an integrated design without the adaptation of other existing components and with several new technical elements to create a new concept. This made it worth a patent. Then he was on his way to success in the automotive industry. He started selling his production run in 1888. In 1879 Benz created his first engine and got a patent for it and his first Motorcar was built in 1885. In the last years of the nineteenth century Benz was the largest car company. Then DMG a Daimler Motor Company in Cannstatt founded by Daimler and Maybach in 1890 came under the brand DMG selling its first car in 1892.

At this time the cars tentacle is spreading rapidly. So in 1890 Emile Levassor and Armand Peugeot in France began to manufacture vehicles with Daimler engines thus forming the basis for the automotive industry in France. The first design for an American car with a gasoline engine was designed in 1877 by George Selden in Rochester who applied for a patent for a car in 1879 but the patent application expired because the vehicle was never built and proved to be a patent claim. But later after sixteen years of delay the patent was received for a two stroke engine on November 5 1895 later challenged by Henry Ford and others and was destroyed in 1911. The first production vehicles in Britain also came from Daimler Motor Company.

Now it came to production. Large scale production of affordable car started with Ransom olds but was extensively expanded by Henry Ford. As a result cars came off the line for fifteen minutes much faster than previous methods. It was so successful and dominated and spread all over the world by establishing distances in other countries.

Since the 1920s almost all cars have been mass produced to meet market needs so market plans often have a strong impact on image design. The fuel and propulsion technologies for most cars used today are powered by gasoline also known as gasoline or diesel engines for internal combustion engines which are known to cause air pollution and are also required to contribute to climate change. The biggest advantage of diesel engines is a fuel consumption of 50% compared with 27% in the best gasoline engines. A lower side of the diesel is the presence of the exhaust gases. Petrol engines have the advantage of diesel in being easier and able to work at higher rotational speeds and they are the usual choice for mounting in high performance sports cars. Continuous development of petrol engines for over a hundred years has resulted in improvements in efficiency and reduced contamination.

Due to pollution and climate change caused by gasoline and diesel attempts were made to improve or replace existing technologies that resulted in the development of hybrid electric and hydrogen vehicles that do not release air pollution.

As you can see the automotive industry is one of the best things that have happened in this world and thanks to some of our inventors. Now we have as many car manufacturers as Honda Toyota Mitsubishi Nissan Lincoln Infinty to name a few. Now we have a variety of options to choose from because now we have so many models so many styles and shapes to choose from.

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